The Work

Typical conversation with an interested party: So Fox, I’ve read your information on your site, but WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU DO?

I usually laugh and  begin a long philosophical conversation about how as an independent public relations/social media/experiential marketing/computer geek I do pretty much EVERYTHING.

They still give me the #KanyeShrug and a confused look, so I decided to post some of my latest and greatest hits and let the soul glow do what it do.  Ladies and Gentleman, Brand and Brand Hustlers , I present…

Sprite Step Off
PR, Experiential, Social Media

For Sprite Step Off, I partnered with commonground Marketing to join their Mid-Atlantic execution team for a tremendous undertaking, the world’s largest  collegiate Greek step competition, with a prize pool of $1.5 million in scholarship funds. The campaign covered 20 cities across the U.S. and featured a concert component showcasing some of today’s hottest talent from the music world, including B.o.B., Drake, Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco and others.  There was a service component executed with campaign partner The Boys and Girls Clubs of America to ensure that participating Greeks delivered on a promise of 1.5 million service hours under an Obama administration initiative.  Participants spent time tutoring and engaging with youth members of Boys and Girls Clubs in each market.  In additional to ground execution responsibilities and talent support, I was responsible for providing in-market public relations support for the lead PR firm, Rogers and Cowan.  Lastly, but never lightly, I was responsible for providing up to the minute Twitter updates that captured the action in each market I was assigned to along the tour route.  Never a dull moment.  The tour culminated in an MTV2 reality series hosted by Ludacris, that has the honor of being the top rated reality series in the network’s history.


Target: 18-24 Multicultural

commonground core execution tea

Atlanta finale

Wendell B. Harris, Jr. & Chameleon Street 20th Anniversary; Sundance Film Festival
Chameleon Street Grassroots Engagement

Tasks: Publicity, Artist Management, Experiential, Social Media

For the 20th anniversary of the underground classic film Chameleon Street, a multi-layered plan of action was put into place.
1990 Sundance Award-winning writer/director Wendell B. Harris, Jr. engaged the FoxBrownFox team to revitalize awareness and interest in
the film and activate a year-long grassroots engagement program to bring “old” Hollywood to a new youthful audience.  We began the journey by creating/coordinating media outreach and seeking longtime fans of the film to help re-ignite the buzz for a classic film.  Social media outreach included Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Myspace, and a dedicated web hub for all things Wendell B. Harris, Jr. and film noir.  The team traveled in support of Mr. Harris to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival to execute a number of sold-out screenings, to facilitate the induction of the film into the UCLA/Sundance Collection, and to coordinate media interviews and support the artist as needed while in Park City, Utah for the festival.  The resulting buzz extended to invitations for Mr. Harris to appear as keynote speaker at several  film schools, and screenings at the Marfa Film Festival, Albuquerque Film Festival, and an upcoming screening at Brooklyn Arts Museum in July 2010.  In February 2010, we were honored to announce a successful negotiation of a digital distribution deal for CHAMELEON STREET on iTunes. Additionally, the FoxBrownFox team has signed on to act as agent and manager for Mr. Harris and to proudly partner with him on screenwriting future film masterpieces coming to a theater/arthouse near you.


Immortalized by Mos Def and Talib Kweli on Brown Skin Lady

AdobeAirStream Interview: Wendell B. Harris, Jr.

Sundance Press Junket: Life Magazine

Sundance Hobnobbing: Rebecca Rickman, Jack Ferraro, Marianne Ferraro, Wendell B. Harris Jr.

Sundance Hobnobbing: Barbara Kopple, Geoffrey Gilmore, Wendell B Harris Jr, Steve Soderbergh

Perfect Results Presents Kel Spencer’s Salon Stories
Tasks: Sponsorship, Experiential, PR

This is the story of a developing hair care brand with a desire to engage the NY/NJ marketplace in a truly organic, grassroots manner. They desired to get next to the cool kids and find a way to turn their brand into a household name for young female multicultural “kitchen beauticians” within the five boroughs of NY, in particular Brooklyn and nearby Jersey. The recommendation was to engage the audiences of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, as one of the festival sponsors and begin sampling at local beauty supply stores and salons in the area.  The true turning point came with the engagement of American Music Award-winning songwriter and emcee-on-the-grind, Kel Spencer to immerse the Perfect Results brand within the HUGE body of female fans held by the Kel Spencer brand.  The brand engaged Kel Spencer to create a series of in-salon events and took on the moniker of Presenting Sponsor for Kel Spencer’s Salon Stories: Hosted By MC Lyte,  a novelty salon-inspired music and conversation album that featured themed salon events, in-store promotions and sampling support for Kel Spencer’s exclusive nightlife events in the NY market.  The album is carried by iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other online retailers. The resulting effort afforded Perfect Results more than 40,000,000 media impressions, but the largest impact has been on the Kel Spencer brand, which continues to grow.

NOTE:  Kel Spencer’s Salon Stories brand has transcended to new heights thru his diligence, with the Salon Stories Speed Dating property fast becoming a
coveted item by brands seeking to engage the 18-35 urban male and female target.  Kel has recently taken on a role as Lifestyle blogger for the BET/Centric
online hub.  He is presently seeking brands interested in taking their marketing initiatives to the next level as he carves a strong niche in the urban multicultural lifestyle arena.


Brothers: Flo Blitz and Kel Spencer with Speed Dating guest

Set of Uggs to Hugs video shoot

Uggs to Hugs video: Kel Spencer featuring Jesse Boykins III

Verizon Realize Campaign
Tasks: Experiential, PR

In an effort to engage consumers in the Philadelphia market, Verizon and Burrell Communications initiated an aggressive campaign to showcase the power of Verizon’s DSL technology.  The program?  Dream254: The Verizon Incubator.  The campaign was centered around Philadelphia resident and entrepreneur, Addye Joy Durant, as she embarked to “realize”  her dream of launching her JOYFANTASTIC Design.  Addye was placed in a storefront in the heart of Philadelphia for 21 days, solely relying upon Verizon technology to live and challenged to launch her graphic-art and product-design firm while living in the storefront.
The “stunt” was broadcast online with online visitors and street passerby able to communicate and ask Addye questions as she worked to create her dream.  The experience was part of an overall advertising campaign that featured true entrepreneurs from the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas as an effort to encourage entrepreneurial spirit within the African American community.


Addye and Verizon reps at the end of her journey

Avenue E
Task: Grassroots Engagement, Social Media

Avenue E was founded by award winning producers Steve and Sheila Conner.  The idea for Avenue E came about while Steve and Sheila were shopping for their friend’s five year old son. They came to realize that there were no fun and positive shows designed for younger children. Steve and Sheila set out to change all of that. They created Avenue E in response to the lack of positive programming out there for little kids. The first installment of Avenue E is Snow Jam, a 30-minute episode that is available on DVD.  Snow Jam is about a little boy named Butch who desperately wants it to snow. No one around him believes it’s going to snow, not his mischievous sister Whiz, or his smart aleck friend Birdseye.  Butch can’t give up so he comes up with a wild plan to make it snow. Butch does everything he can to make his dreams come true, and we follow him on this imagination filled journey.  This mission for FoxBrownFox and Avenue E was simple, SPREAD THE WORD.
Myspace was still in season, so the team deployed to the social networking site to create buzz and drive interest among parents for the project.
Truly an honor to work this project…

Boomtown: The Last Postcard from America
Task: Graphic Writing, Social Media OutReach

The Last Postcard is a very bizarre post-apocalyptic novel, set in the future with lots of really cool characters and high drama.
My job was to inhabit Myspace, creating identity and cache for the “characters’ by giving them life.  My main dame, was a little lady called the Champagne Lady.
Her opening blog post on Myspace went something like this:

I come to you from the year 2031.You all create me. With your foolish wars, stupid government spending, unchecked borders, political dry-humping, bad schools, religious idiots making public policy, celebrity-obsessing minions, and more.  I am you, twenty-five years from now. But I found peace in my world. Born from the shambles of your world of today.  Do you want to know what happens?  Want to witness the end of your U.S.A., and the eighteen new countries that are created from it?

Lots and lots of fun for a striving sci-fi writer like myself… 🙂