Kel Spencer

Name: Lennie Bennett (pka) Kel Spencer

Title: Rap artist/ Songwriter (Solo)

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Imprint: 3RD Power Music Group

Publishing Company: Love-n-Loyalty Music and Mariessons Music

Publishing Affiliate: BMI

So just how does one earn the title of “best rapper you’ve never heard of”? You get it through hard work and consistent effort. As a multifaceted artist, entertainer and award-winning songwriter, Kel Spencer stays focused on branding and uses his unique insights into social media platforms to build buzz for his content-heavy body of work. The result is a track record and a discography that commands attention and respect.

A Brooklyn native, Kel Spencer’s list of credits includes ghostwriter and co-author for artists such as Wyclef Jean, Nick Cannon, Teddy Riley, MC Lyte and Will Smith. The collaboration with Will Smith garnered an American Music Award for co-writing Switch. Among the double-digit notches in his discography, a standout example is The Definition, a classic collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff for Return of The Magnificent. As co-Chairman of 3rd Power Music Group and Double L Communications, he uses his talent and experience working within the major industry realm to drive the 3rd Power imprint as a vessel for positive creativity, good Hip Hop and success.
His gift is on display as a solid blueprint that is key to mastering the independent artist process. His work explodes through the streets and is infectious to the internet-savvy – with dozens of
mix-tapes, including Who Is Kel Spencer?, Brooklyn Spartans, and the Global Connection Series.
Add to the mix an unparalleled live stage presence with more than 75 appearances, including his monthly Secret Showcase and you have a solid formula. As a result of his tenacity, Kel has been covered by an array of media entities, including E!, XXL, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Vibe, ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated and many others.

Kel is someone who champions the concept of balance as the key to life. His mantra lies in the understanding that humans have an innate need to believe in something, and a desire to do better as a result. As athlete, community leader, artist, award-winning songwriter, co-Chairman of 3rd Power Music Group/Double L Communications, and in all aspects of his life, he declares God’s presence as a blessing. He uses his gift with music as a way to affect minds and spirits on a positive level. Dubbed the Hip Hop Moses, Kel Spencer intends on leading us to the Promised Land.

Most recently, Kel was featured on DJ Grand Master Flash’s The Bridge alongside Q-Tip on the single-worthy Shine All Day. He is also finishing an upcoming album, prepping for the launch of an after-school literacy program, Pens of Power and co-authoring the weekly devotional, L. Bennett’s Weekly Bread.

Kel Spencer –  The Most Accomplished Rapper You Never Heard Of…

Full discography available upon request.  Contact

For more on Kel Spencer visit the following:

Kel Spencer on Twitter

Kel Spencer on Myspace

And check out a few videos from the Brooklyn Spartan…

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