Boogie Wear


Fashion Philosophy

Boogie Wear kicks down the door of infinite possibility with original custom-fitted creations for you.  Get Your Boogie On!

Chicago has a pulse, and K-Boogie has her finger on it.  Her feel for the fashion industry began on the sales floor in 1997 with major retailers, such as Marshall Field’s and The Gap.  After a few years, she left corporate retail to sharpen her couture knowledge and sales expertise in independent clothing boutiques.


In 2001, she started her promotion company, Groundwerks, Inc.  Submerging herself in the entertainment industry, K-Boogie began to receive free merchandise.  Overwhelmed by an abundance of the standard men t-shirt, she began to take these shirts and transformed them into original, hand made creations.  In time, K-Boogie began to mix color combinations, solidifying the invention of her Boogie Stitch.  Her hobby soon evolved into Boogie Wear.  Boogie Wear shirts became must haves among close friends, which proved to be the perfect advertisement needed to attract industry insiders and trendsetters.

By 2004, K-Boogie utilized her marketing and promotion skills to brand the uniqueness of Boogie Wear and her talent.  After years of making shirts on the spot at various events, K-Boogie is definitely making her way as a designer and stylist.  Who knew that music, culture and some free merchandise would give her a chance to make everybody Boogie.

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