Africa Hot

“I am that which I am, and that’s all I know to be. Complex, but not concave.  Wise, but naive. Indignant, but humble. I’m different things at different times to different people, but I am always one bad mutha – shut yo mouth.  Either love me, or leave me the f*ck alone ”

Eschewing labels, Chicago native Africa Hot happily stands on the mantle of artist.   Incorporating his talents as a vocalist, songwriter, DJ, scribe, and comedian he has created a diverse body of work that always colors well outside the margins.  As a musician, Africa has performed and collaborated with some of Chicago’s most progressive independent artists including Yaw, Tina M. Howell, Room 11, Cherisse Scott, Allegra Dolores, Primeridian, Gabe Wallace and Jovia Armstrong. His reach hasn’t been limited to the rich local music scene however; he’s also worked with artists such as Bobby Brown, Omar, Bilal,  Nadirah Shakoor, Julie Dexter and Siji.
Africa Hot’s first solo project is due for release Spring 2012.
Being a music fan as well as a practitioner, Africa’s role as a DJ is one he takes very seriously. He gained early notoriety as a founding resident on the now defunct  internet radio station Swank Society Radio with his show BACK OF THE BUS, a perfect showcase for his profanely comical personality and eclectic musical tastes.   Specializing in the unexpected, BACK OF THE BUS features the best in soul, deep house, progressive hip hop, rock, b-sides, rare grooves and all kinds of ish you didn’t even know you like yet.

After years at Swank Society, Africa moved BACK OF THE BUS to its current home at where it can downloaded for free and enjoys a broad, international listener-ship.  Africa Hot continues to push the boundaries of convention and challenge preconceived notions through his work as a burgeoning screenwriter, LGBT advocate, music curator and unabashed smart-ass…and the best is yet to come. Follow his antics and adventures on Twitter at  @africahot.

My music is evolving and involving.


marcus dAt Red Kiva Chicago singing background for Cherisse Scott

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