Sweet Suite Services

What We Do

We stay on top of  trends and help you stay relevant to your audience.

We use universal mind control to whisper in the ears of the masses
and sing your praises.

We practice the art of the eyeball chase so you can stick to doing what you do best.

Right Scene. Right Message. Let the conversation begin…

We will help you to publicize your brand using new media tools,
powerful word of mouth and influencer outreach.

The Hand We Play In This Game:

  • The Art of Brainstorming
    We stay on top of the game, watch trends and nip the status quo in the bud; let’s collaborate on a strategy that suits you best
  • Understand WHEN to write a full press release versus a media alert or e-blast
    This is the number one area for improvement across the board; let’s discuss your objectives and create the right solution.
  • Put the best touches on your press materials
    Let us complement your experience with a writer’s finishing touch.
  • Have to write a speech or article and need a Ghostwriter?
    Whether you just need a document tweaked or a full on ghostwriter, we help you produce a great final product.
  • Calling on the “NEW” media
    We understand that the sometimes the people you want to speak to cannot be reached via TV, Radio, Print and good old Ma Bell phones. Tell us who you want to talk to and what you want them to know. We got it.
  • On-site support for your big moment
    Your Launch Party, Gala/Reception or VIP event is your moment – let us worry about those bothersome details – you just get ready to be fabulous. Our event stylists and personal shoppers are here to ease the pressure.
  • S is for Social Networking
    Social networking sites are today’s water cooler. We can help you approach the social networking space to establish deep roots and a great presence with your target audience. Let us assist you as you land in places where the average consumer IS the online superstar.

Contact: Miss Fox  foxbrownfox@gmail.com