Periscope 101: How to Broadcast Street Journalism From Your Phone

I’ve got mixed feelings about the use of Periscope. I’ll just park this here and leave it as to be determined.

Beyond Bylines

Periscope How-To

Periscope is a game changer.

It’s Twitter taken to new heights. Information flows in real time, but with an authentic, visual glimpse of what eyewitnesses are experiencing on the ground.

We saw Periscope’s impact on its first day on the job, back in March 2015, when an explosion rocked New York City.

Within seconds, the app’s feed was teeming with first-person views of the scene. Video clips from bystander cell phones came from every angle, showing unprecedented footage ahead of first-responder arrival.

This is not what we typically would see from the standard television broadcast. This was immediate – and unfiltered – providing a whole new level of access to viewers around the world.

In order to stay competitive, reporters need to embrace social reporting technology like this. And, according to WTOP digital reporter Neal Augenstein (@AugensteinWTOP), Periscope may be one of the most exciting ways to keep up.

Augenstein, by…

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