Junot Diaz and Edwidge Danticat jointly speak out against Dominican Republic refugee crisis


Correction: This story and its headline previously said that Diaz and Danticat called for a travel boycott on the Dominican Republic. In fact, Diaz noted that the Dominican regime was vulnerable with respect to tourism, and Danticat urged Haitian-Americans in particular not to travel there. The story has been updated to reflect this correction. 

At any other time, the marquee names would have been talking about literature. Junot Diaz, hands-down the most critically acclaimed Dominican-American author, sharing a table with Edwidge Danticat, the most critically acclaimed Haitian-American author.

But they were not here to talk about books. They were here to speak out against the impending refugee crisis that has reached a fever pitch on the island where they were both born.

“There is a state of terror in the Dominican Republic,” Diaz told an overflowing crowd of attendees gathered in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood at a panel hosted by Miami Workers Center, a…

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