Seen in Chicago: FTR Dear John Hughes #FTRHughes

I saw the Dear John Hughes musical with the girls last night.
As a John Hughes purist, I went in expecting to throw shade, because a John Hughes musical sounded crazy.


My take:
It was interactive, cheesy and absolutely fun. From the moment
Duckie Dale started singing Try a Little Tenderness, we were giggling, laughing and singing along. The music and the live band were dope.
They bundled up your fave moments from Hughes movies and tied it in a cheesy bun.

From a marketing lens – this event felt like the Millennials were trying to change the game. They allowed folks to take still photos during the show (no flash). They wanted people to share/promote the show via a hashtag on social. This is just a no-no in traditional theatre… pictures!? whoa.

Rumer Willis (Bruce and Demi’s daughter) has a REALLY great voice and totally embodied Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful and the Misfit from Breakfast Club.

Did I already say 100% cheddar cheese? Yeah. And I loved it.
If you’re up for some sing song and some Gen X fun, there’s one weekend left (keyword GoldStar). #GetSome

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