On People Keeping The FaceBook At Bay

Every now and then you just have to love humanity. Especially we who fall into the realm of marketers, engagement professionals and the like.

I like to consider myself a “watcher” and one of the things I adore watching is people.  As they are continuously monitored, tracked and advertised to – they continue to find a way to escape it.

The latest in my insight bubble – is a true phenomenon.

People have figured out Facebook’s mission with the algorithms…and they are avoiding it.  How?  Don’t LIKE anything… just comment. And carry on with your conversations.


I find myself avoiding the like button, and just digging into the comments – because of “reasons”, just like you.  Just because I liked a vid of animals living the thug life, does NOT mean I want to have my timeline adjusted for me.  No thanks, Fawkbook.

THE GOOD NEWS: Social sites like Facebook have yet to create (as of the time of this doodle)  a way to gauge positive or negative sentiment in the comments. Average Joe User has figured out that “they” do know when we LIKE something – and through one little motion of our thumbs – we enable the advertising of a world of products/services/pitches for us to consider.


But people are glorious.  They figured it out and said eff that.  They are learning how to move around the controls and to avoid the mechanism.  Even if it’s just for a second.  They have taken back the power.


Shh… they’re listening.

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