Download This: Tweet – Simply Tweet

I have been meaning to talk about this for a minute. Occasionally, I get blessed with this and that and this little nugget got by me. Until now.

So for all of us who love Miss Tweet –Covershe has a tiny gesture of love for her fans – in the way of an EP, entitled “Simply Tweet”.   Is it good?  It’s Tweet. It’s soulful as can be. Her music always feels true and while it reminds me of some other stuff she’s previously released – I do love it.  This feels like she’s just doing it because she needs to get it out there… and I appreciate it.  I cherish it – because I know I’ll never hear it on the radio. Because the system is stupid.

One song that moves me is Way To Love…it’s just lovely.
Shouts to MC Lyte’s Dubose Music Group for dropping it – damn, I miss this delicate and low down kinda music.

So… use your superpowers and get that download.

Here’s the legit source: 

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