#TheIndieGrinder: Todd Inman and Corporate Brother

I started the hashtag #TheIndieGrinder as a way to highlight interesting and innovative artists I knew who (to me) are like the unsung heroes of the new age of digital creativity.  The matrix is full of independent artists doing cool things and I like to give credit where it’s due, as often as I can.  And as we know…the indie grind is like no other.  If you’ve been following the #IndieGrinder, you know there are some insanely great unknowns in there.

This next jewel is a bonus – a web series that has (a) a Black male lead, (b) is hilarious, and (c) is centered in those corporate workplaces many folks slave at. (I know – right?) As a fan of other shows coming to the web from the likes of Issa Rae and Dennis Dortch (woot!), I was open…let me take a peek and see what this is about.  What I didn’t know, was that I would watch every episode at least twice and then find myself posting, sharing and gushing about it – to you.

Introducing – The Corporate Brother.    Footage first, then the back story after the video.



So that’s Corporate Brother.  Now, who’s this Todd Inman dude?

Roland Martin and Todd Inman at the ABFF

A Philly filmmaker, Todd Inman says he’s following in the footsteps of comedians like Chris Rock and Dick Gregory – he is into making impacts on social issues using humor.
With Corporate Brother, he touches “race” really well and I’m sure he gets more than a few laughs from the average joe beer belly.  Corporate Brother has 5 episodes loaded on TINManEntertainment’s YouTube channel.  We hear that Black movie power producer Will Packer has given Corporate Brother the nod, so I’m sure we’ll hear much more from Todd Inman.  An0ther bit of news – Corporate Brother is being considered to air on an African TV Network.

Good for you, Todd…I’ll be checking for Season 2.

Todd Inman can be reached at todd@tinmancreativesolutions.com and all episodes are featured at tinmancreativesolutions.com.

2 thoughts on “#TheIndieGrinder: Todd Inman and Corporate Brother

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