They call it Brick-a-Brack.

Defined as “closely related to ridiculous”.

I’m instantly in love with this term.

Brick-A-Brack.  These dudes.

Damn, in 2013, this one som’na’bich will be in my life almost 10 years.  Extremely conflicted –  love of my life – unrealized.

Damn, this other dude loves me, but I’m not the kinda people his family would approve of. It’s the process…not the passion. I guess.

Damn, I wish this dude would stop talking about himself endlessly. I’m a notorious chatty cathy, but can’t get a word in between his anxious, slurping of his own wood.  OH the humanity. ZZZZZZZZZ

Damn.  This one makes me horny.  He’s dangerous and shall be banished immediately.

Damn. Shoulda married that one..but I was crazy when I met him.

Damn.  There’s one, who usually reads these posts, who is so irrationally imperfectly perfect to me…I’d like to kiss his soul hole.

Damn, don’t make eye contact like that… we’re almost family.

Damn… this one is a workaholic…can’t see me but I watch him like owl to the moon.


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