The Indie Grinder: Yaw and Khari Lemuel aka The Ones

Chitown true music lovers have known these two for years.  Do you remember the first time you heard Khari belt out those notes on “Where Will You Be?”.  Will you ever forget the way Yaw can still a room with his beautiful and emotional crooning?  Nah…me either.

Just sharing the love – and sending love out the The Ones.  You are most deserving of your shine… bless it all the way up.

And is ANYTHING better than to see two Black men wax poetic about music with such laughter and true joy? Nah… I didn’t think so.


For more on The Ones visit these links:

Come With Me – Yaw & Khari Lemuel with Eric Roberson
Twitter: @yawsmusic
Twitter: @khari_lemuel


One thought on “The Indie Grinder: Yaw and Khari Lemuel aka The Ones

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