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Edgy Chicago Hip Hop Group Aims For The Hipster Movement With Fresh, Feel Good Party Vibe

Chicago, IL – Underground hip-hop artists M.A.R.S. (Music Always Reigns Supreme) have released the official video for the single entitled, Wake Up, from their highly anticipated and forthcoming mixtape, Never Come Down.  This alternative, futuristically-driven and fashion forward group combines explosive lyrics with soulful singing and tight production to create a colorful and high energy fusion in their music. Their unapologetically hip hop edge ensures that the streets and hipsters alike will appreciate the Chicago-bred duo’s step into a new lane with their unique style and music.

Hailing from the soul & hip hop-heavy streets of Chicago, group members Ayo Kid and London began to hone their individual talents during their days of checking for lunchroom rap battles in high school.  Producer London was known as the beatmaker and went on to gain notoriety with production credits for two tracks on Lil Kim’s 2005 release, The Naked Truth, complemented by mentions in The Source.  Rapper Ayo Kid stayed committed to expanding his rap skills throughout their time in high school and on into college, before returning to Chicago to form a group, now known as M.A.R.S. Both reflect on those days as incubation and study time as they focused their energies on developing their style and on making hits that mainstream listeners and radio could vibe on.

The success of their initial offering, Out Of This World brought acclaim from hip hop’s musical elite and industry tastemakers, and the group is poised to raise awareness for their unique brand of hip hop with the release of the Wake Up video. With momentum building, the group is prepared to bring more of their fly and innovative flavor with the upcoming Halloween release of Never Come Down the mixtape.

View the Wake Up video here:

For more on M.A.R.S. visit:

Download Out Of This World mixtape:    

                                                                  M.A.R.S. BIO

“Out of this world”, “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Captain Kirk”, “Luke Skywalker” and “Futuristic” are words used to best explain the hip hop stylings of the rap duo M.A.R.S. (Music Always Reigns Supreme).  Hailing from the mean city streets of Chicago by way of the “South Burbs”, M.A.R.S has been called the next best thing out of Chicago since MJ. With respect due to the hip hop pioneers that came before them laying the beneficial groundwork, group members Ayo Kid and London aim to push their passion to new levels with M.A.R.S.

Ayo Kid aka “The Fly Guy” brings explosive lyrics coupled with London’s flawless production & sultry singing voice to make M.A.R.S’ music untouchable at best.  Ayo began his rap career at an early age, taking inspiration from iconic rappers like Wu-Tang, Biggie, & Kanye West as his musical muses. After performing with a hip hop group during high school, he found it suited him to go solo to pursue his own destiny. London had been producing under the surname Mr. Williams and received acclaim for producing “Shut up Bitch” for Lil Kim in 2005.  London’s production skills are highly noted for his use of colorful chords and amazing sound effects, leading him to be called one of the best producers to come out of Chicago in recent years.

Longtime friends who shared a passion for making dope movements within the hip hop landscape, the two decided to join forces to create a hip hop powerhouse called M.A.R.S., which translates to Music Always Reigns Supreme. With a successful mixtape appropriately named “Outta This World”, under their belt, M.A.R.S continues to conjure up hit after hit.  They look forward to the upcoming release of their album M.A.R.S Wind & Fire in late 2011.  A compilation of party music infused with real life experiences and accompanied by a few “feel good” tunes, M.A.R.S Wind & Fire is hard to compare to the others because of their unique and futuristic approach to music.

The versatility of their music leaks into their own sense of innovation in fashion as well as their cool, chic and fly demeanor as they flow through the world of hip hop. The M.A.R.S. duo stays ahead of what’s hot with music fans as well as fashion and street culture, making them true trendsetters and influencers.  Music Always Reigns Supreme is definitely kicking down doors as Ayo Kid and London aim to take their place in the halls of hip hop and rock.

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