So I used to work this really conservative job, right? Back in the 90s… Conservative job, conservative dress. My boyfriend at the time wants me to meet him at All Jokes Aside (Chi-town Stand Up), he has tickets to a comedy show.

It’s a hometown dude, from my neighborhood…Bernie Mac.

I’m excited…

I went straight from work, in my comfortable shoes, skirt, top and pantyhose…you know, my 90s job fit.

Sat my ass right in the front row.

This motherfucker comes out on stage, pauses, looks me up and down and says, “you cute, and YOU MUSTA CAME STRAIGHT FROM WORK.” 

He proceeds to GO IN on me, making fun of my pantyhose and how “pure” I looked.
Instant funny…on me.

Lord…it was one of the hardest moments I ever had to live through, but that sonofabitch killed…me, then the show.

He went on to be THE MAN.

I love you Bernie Mac.  RIP.

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