The Indie Grinder: Ekundayo – Mike Flo – Alive and Well

Smells like Freedom Music is back in effect…and if you peep the producer list… awww lawd, your hip hop geek should be tweaking.


mikeflo & ekundayo are “Alive & Well” and present “The Offering” Mixtape / Lp (Mixed by DJ Kemit)

Producers (original scores and takeovers) include: Madlib, Full Crate, FS Green, Jansport J, Steve “504 Dubb” Wade, Sol Messiah, Yamin Semali, Kanye West, Nicolay, Flying Lotus, Dexter, Illastrate, Tony Baines and mikeflo.

Artists features include: Chop, Princeton Parks, Amdex of Clan Destined, Richelle L. Brown, staHHr, Sa-Roc, and Skipp Coon.

mix: DJ Kemit

photography: TT Coles

graphics and design: mr. soul

this is only the prequel to the upcoming full length LP from Alive & Well, so enjoy “The Offering”…spread it around and let’s make it viral!

real talk though…this shit here is COSMIC! (and that ain’t just me talkin…)

just click the download link.

for inquiries, features and booking:

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