The Indie Grinder: Applejac is ‘Playing Favorites’

One could accuse me of playing favorites – and they’d be absolutely right.
I’m plugging this dude because he’s a friend.

A friend with an unstoppable grasp on music…why he loves it…how it moves him…and his intention to transmit that energy to you. Playing Favorites? Absolutely.  He’s a completely awesome person.  Any hip hop head who can kick off a musical conversation referencing a mutual love for Rachmaninoff (true story) – is worth the time and effort of a download.

Let’s end the chatter…you’ve got music to listen to.

Download Link – HERE


INTERVIEW CLIP (you can hear the passion in what he’s saying)



I know the radio makes you feel like you’re gonna die.  The Indie Grinder is for you – a few good drops of water for your musical thirst. (Psst: search The Indie Grinder tag for more choice artists)
You’re welcome. I love you.

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