Fashion Culture: Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty

This one goes out to my fashion lovers… few have affected the world of pop culture and fashion the way Alexander McQueen did.

His style influenced much of the world, even if you had no idea who he was…someone you liked was influenced by him.

From those amazingly strange shoes that only Lady Gaga could seem to strut in – to Kanye West’s fashion-ation with him…this dude’s touch and his curious darkness reached far beyond the runway.

Unfortunately, like many a genius or savant before him – he died a tragic death – but lives on through the tributes of his fans.

Recently – the Metropolitan Museum of Art aka (Yo) MOMA hosted Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty which greeted more than 661,000 visitors and almost 80,000 during the final week of the exhibition.  Folks from around the world waited up to 9 hours in line for a chance to glimpse and understand the process behind McQueen’s work.  You missed it and so did I – but never fear my lovelies…we can now go to the video.

Check it – Enjoy.


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