So a friend is raving about a product available online called Diva Cup…it’s a reusable menstrual cup. (GASP) I KNOW.  I thought the same thing. 

She’s raving about how convenient and easy it seems and is a new champion for the brand and things.  I’m not kidding, as I speak, this fool has started a group discussion on BBM with the crew about it.

She’s asking if we’re sticking to pads and tamps… or if we’ll join the green revolution and get a Diva Cup. And she’s graphically describing “how it works”.  YIKES.  We know how it works… it’s a cup you insert and it’s reusable. 

and yeah yeah.. toxic shock is a bitch, I know.

I went to the website to do a little research and found the company video, which is posted up there… check it.

This IS a very interesting concept and it does tweak my little hippie “GREEN” ears…I won’t give you the full run down here… but if you want to know more about the product – here’s a link

The whole idea makes me feel as awkward as any man reading this caption feels right now. 

I have but one concern  *Wendy Williams whisper*  »»>what if your cup spills?

I mean, really. 

I don’t know…I’ll have to wait for the report from Adventuresome friend over here.

I’ll revisit this with her feedback next cycle…(pun intended)
Are any of you up on this product? Tried it? Can a sista get some feedback?

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