Chicago: Congo Square Theater – Brothers of The Dust

Brothers of the Dust is a family saga filled with rivalry, betrayal and the hidden passions of the heart, centered around Roy Colton, who has held the reigns of the family land. Set against a rural farmland landscape, the writing peels back the layers of a deeply human drama to reveal what happens during a struggle for family legacy.

Loosely based on a true story, the story also explores the realities African American farmers faced during the period in history after the Great Migration, as well as
a myriad of emotional, human experiences such as infidelity, marriage and sexuality. “I’d love for audience members to think about how much we take for granted in that little phrase the ties that bind,” says writer Darren Canady. “Familial bonds are not permanent nor unbreakable, there is a careful tending and mending needed to make extended family units work.

Playing through 6/26/11 in Chicago at the Center for the Performing Arts at 777 N. Green.



Twitter: @congosquareCHI

One thought on “Chicago: Congo Square Theater – Brothers of The Dust

  1. Live Music Reviews & Previews says:

    “Brothers of the Dust” play was superb and Shanesia Davis was amazing. She is the BEST. I love her and her performance. Everyone in the play was great. WOW. What a day and what a play. So glad we went to see this one. ♥

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