The Letter You Never Want To Receive

Dear Friend,

Peace. that’s how I begin and end everything I do.
I walk in peace – give love – show my soul to others and accept them in return.

I am writing to say Peace to you INSERT OFFENDER NAME HERE and I want you to know that I know.

I know.
I know that you are insincere in the spoken love you claim to have for me and your friendship with me.

I’m sure you have a look on your face right now – and you should.

You’re wack man. I know we aren’t from the same world – but where I’m from – you don’t go picking at scraps from friend’s love lives.

You could never – no… no one could ever replace what I mean to the man we’re both in love with sweetie. Above all, we are the highest level of friends that could exist.  Even if he is a spineless, weakling who clearly has me twisted…

You were someone I respected as a human of the female kind, we are all in the same struggle when it comes to the numbers and stats on Black male availability…but as a woman…I detest your actions. 

Perhaps this was a desperate attempt to find that which you do not know… that I can understand.

Real talk –  I’m fabulous. Yes. But these nasty little dealings tend to attack and NOT enhance one’s self esteem. But I’m stomping through this moment…

And he is a man. yes. Subject to whims and temptation – always. Yet and still… you could pull out all the tricks and rock your best mascara and you could never stand near my light, boo.

You speak of God so much and can certainly carry a scripture…you should pray to have the vulture removed from your heart.   Your tactics disgust me, G.

Realistically – both of you are/were free to do what you like.

But you call me – and you keep contact with me –  and…you…know…me.
How stupid – no… how low do your luscious tresses go my dear?

Like I said.. In with peace – out with peace.
You’re a whore with no friends.

Don’t die really… just virtually, will you?

Love and Kisses,

That Bitch

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