Thoughts while drinking alone…

I think that…

People would rather watch the Tweets of certain events than watch the actual televised event. This is particularly true with urban events.

Twitter is about 45 minutes ahead of the “media” in Breaking News.

They like to kill people off – every other day at 11…on Twitter.

In a world where journalism is a pale shade of blue – TMZ is the truth!

I used to be a headwrap chick. Game got infiltrated so I had to change up the flow.

One of the chapters in the book I’m writing is called “For Black Girls Who Aspire to Sit in Backseats of Cars in Music Videos: When Blow is Not Enough, Try Jesus”.

Another chapter in my book is called “To All The Girls I’m Not Friends With Anymore”.

I’d rather be on an island sipping on a strong sweet drink watching a strong sweet man watch me.

Some of you should be really happy you have never met the woman who lives in my head.

________________________________ (Removed at the request of Homeland Security)

I’m in love.  Perpetually. Always.

But Not Attached. Which means tread carefully. I bite.

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