could it be – we’re in love.

in spite of the terms

what is this relationship

usually sit holding myself
worrying that it will never be

but the power
was in the knowing
and the pleasure
of it all
came from control
of how i feel
and the freedom in the showing

it’s mine to have and to hold
regardless of your efforts
it’s deeper than the soul
or the power of my virtue
and because it’s real I can feel you
feeling it too

don’t know if I can acknowledge
the silence any longer
but as long as we keep feeling
then it’s growing
then its stronger

I refused to hide
in the beginning

but the spinning
and the dreaming
and the hunger
meant to be in another lifetime
is what i wonder

but you’re here in my heart
and yet so far

we’ve never

there are no plans
no. never.

and there’s just me in this dream
and I play by no rules
each day that passes
I know you
adore you
more than before

so why is it
I love the feeling of being so blue

cuz I’m feeling you
and you’re feeling it
and though it’s a secret
I know it
I breathe it

is this the right game to be playing?

you never say anything
except the things you don’t
say it again
keep playing it over
and over
and it’s louder
than the reasoning
and the things that you don’t do
and oh my, you never ever lie.

come on
what are you waiting for
you’re winning without even trying
and this is my dream
so finish me
I’m afraid
I’ve begun to enjoy
the suffering too much

and if it wasn’t such a rush
I would probably hate this
and maybe if it was all
just my imagination
I wouldn’t love you so much

alive is the feeling
this is the something
that shook up the nothings
and yet you remain a notion
a sip of a sweet red
chased back by the bitter bite of reality

can’t deny
no pie in the sky
but still – I take this ride
a smile and a wave
and I’m blown right back
lovin’ how you let me

and are you aware we do this everyday?

could it be

Be real
Be still
Be right
in spite

could it be – we’re in love.

in spite of the terms – this relationship
is the beautiful secret
I keep – even from you

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