Devil in the Details: Doritos After Dark w/ Rihanna

Apparently all this chit chat on various sites about occult meanings in Rihanna’s music has hit motherload status, and it was only a matter of time before brands started taking advantage of the appeal.

Doritos has partnered with Rihanna for an augmented reality spree that let’s the consumer(read: user) flow between the sweet and colorful and the darker sides of her personality.  Users point the on-bag graphic on special edition Doritos Late Night bags at webcams for a special Rihanna performance that can be altered depending on how you move the bag – playing on the day and night themes.

First thought: Sounds like someone in the marketing dept. is living out his teen fantasy…

The Doritos Late Night campaign kicks off with special single called Who’s That Chick?”  by David Guetta featuring Rihanna that flows into an interactive experience.

I’ll post the dual-sided video here so all my conspiracy friends can discuss the symbols…I see ’em too, my loves.. I see them too.

I’ll also post a link for my marketing/pr friends who might actually wanna read the press release announcing the program.


Overall – should be a global winner… and yet another giant leap forward in speculative fiction-flavored advertising.

Marketers… augmented reality, conspiracy theory and pop culture just had a menage a trois.  If you haven’t stepped your game up yet…goodnight and goodbye.

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