The Indie Grinder: Room 11

Nothing makes me happier than balls out creativity in music…

We live in a world of cookies, cutters and haters, where everyone either falls in line or stands on the box to find something wrong with going against the grain.

I love Room 11.  For the sheer audacity to be something other than… and for doing it so well.

Now that we’re back in the time before hip hop and in a state of world poverty…acts like this one are on the rise.

Salute to the Indie Grinder… and my peeps.  Room 11.

Dolores – Vocals

Allegra – Vocals, Keys

Marty Murphy – Drums

Frankie Blaze – Plays Guitar “like a muhfuh”

Big Ced – Bass, Vocals, Gumption


Now, go make Mark Zuckerberg happy and Facebook these people!

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