Never forgetting Katrina…

For 10 days in 2007, I joined a group of Columbia College students and high school students from the Saturday Scholars program as a mentor for a trip to New Orleans. It was a fact finding mission for the high school students, who had been studying the aftermath of Katrina. For their final lesson, they were to go to St. Bernard Parish, stay at Camp Hope and help with the clean up.

As we boarded the bus for the long drive from Chicago to New Orleans, Spike Lee gave the kids some inspiration for their journey

It was a life changing event…

5 years after the storm, and 3 years after our journey to help rebuild New Orleans, I just wanted to share my memories of the trip and the people I met, fell in love with and will never forget.

RIP Miss Lorraine, I will always remember and love you, Big Shake, Lil Shake, Make and all the good people that touched my life forever in NOLA. Some items are captioned…some aren’t… you get the picture.

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