The Indie Grinder: 80s Babies featuring Allegra Dolores and Kazi The Blak

When the Jones hits you it’s undeniable

Folks who know me know I really rep the Chicago indie music scene and do what I can to highlight the awesome musicians(all genres) we have here.  My passion for music is one of the reasons I created this blog, I wanted to shine a light on what I know so intimately. #Truth – My hometown has undeniable heat deep within the underground.  These posts are tagged The Indie Grinder because these folks go hard…I hope you take a moment one day to put Indie Grinder in the search and sample other artists that are absolutely irresistible.

Ok – this ends my hippie sappy quasi-rant.  Allow me to make my actual point.

I’m happy to share my new favorite summer jam and help premiere the video for 80s Babies – Frequency, which features the home squad, the lovely ladies of Allegra Dolores and the good doctor/emcee himself, Kazi the Blak. If you aren’t loving this song by the time you get to the outro, I don’t know, Joe.  You might wanna check your pulse.

This is the hotness and so so CHI. Kudos to Kazi and Cornell at My Word 360 Productions for the creativity and a great finished product. Beautiful…

If you watch to the end, you will know the truth about this joint and how smokin’ hot it is.  Enjoy.

80s Babies – Frequency –  Featuring Allegra Dolores and Kazi The Blak


The 80s Babies are probably still sweating after stealing the moment as one of the opening acts for Slum Village at Chicago’s Double Door the other day.  File it under: Rocked The Show, Joe. That was seriously dope.  Kudos yall.

Last word: Sonic Music is out — go get it  – $7 holla.

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