ABFF 2010: The Reel Critic and FoxBFox interview Idris Elba

So I’m back from South Beach, still in recovery from all the grinding at the 2010  American Black Film Festival (ABFF).
Lots of great films, lots of great moments and some fantastic people got to connect.

Our favorite film critic, Mr. Reggie Ponder, the REEL CRITIC got a little time in with Idris Elba for a little convo on his new film Takers, which hits theaters in August. Check it out – and watch for your girl to come in at the end and close it out.  Call me The Finisher With a Sundress On… LOL

But on the real, Idris was a very nice cat, who’s producing some good stuff and is one of the “chosen” Black actors in Hollywood right now – and deservedly so.

Little tidbit of gossip… there was some talk of the tall British Knight to assume the tux and weaponry as Mr. James Bond himself…but YOU KNOW… Idris as Bond would be so awesome it would reverse the earth.  They scared… ha!    Maybe we can start a Facebook page that demands Idris be Bond.  hmm…

Well…enjoy the interview sugarbabies.  We out.

P.S. Idris has the most piercing eyes in the world. You heard it here first kids – Idris glamoured the Fox.  Word to Sookie Stackhouse.
I had to hand over my pimp hand… he gave it to his manager to be added to the mantle of wins.
You might have blown my mind this time Idris Elba, but I’ll see you again… I’ll be back with my right hand strong, very soon. 🙂

and here’s a few more….

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