The Indie Grinder: 80s Babies and Tall Black Guy

I’ve been away sugarbabies… and I’m sorry.  I hope you missed me, because I SOOOO missed you.

I promise not to go for long again…but looky look…I’ve got goodies.

Here in Chicago, we have a serious indie hip hop scene flowing with some of the best talent everywhere.

Our friend in the spirit, Tall Black Guy and the 80s Babies consistently deliver – and though Tall Black and his lovely lovely, Chaka have relocated to the west coast, we still hold them down and wish them well.

The notes on their latest joint read as follows: “80s Babies (Tall Black Guy Productions & Dee “Shogun” Jackson) Have released yet another solid project, highly anticipated “Sonic Music” intelligent hip-hop aiming to set the bar higher for Chi-town emcees & producer collaborators.”

Say word…

Check it,we got a double shot this time.  Enjoy sweethearts.  I did.

80s Babies – I Wanna Talk To You (Official Music Video) from the Sonic Music album…

Check out this collaboration between Rookie Films, Lyon Tamer Productions on this the first of many music videos from the recent album from the 80s Babies.

Like that?  Here’s some more…

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