This is your mind on JAMS

I didn’t even know what the name this post…and I’m laughing as it write this.

Just saw the Lil Wayne/Nicki Minaj – Knockout video in the Jam of the Week slot on MTV Jams.
The game has shifted… very interesting.

Video is below, but here’s what I’m thinking:

I am definitely going to read the lyrics because these two definitely deserve a translation. Say what??
We’re either developing a whole new language within the sub-culture, or I’m getting old.

If this had been the first time I was introduced to Nicki Minaj, I might not cringe so much when I see her.

Lil Kim has got to be trippin’.

Baby has got longevity by any means necessary in his brain.

Booty Pads Booty Pads Booty Pads

Mean Girls with Booty Pads

So it’s rock and rap…
Hey Barbie, are you into Black men?

Ok, roll it. You get my point.

A few more random thoughts as I watched other videos while you watched that one:

Drake.  Kinda like when you want Ruffles, but there’s only Munchos.  Meh, you eat em anyway.

What are all these mofos toasting to in these videos?  The world is jacked up, junior.

The bar is so low…

Juelz Santana is a certified cutie, but not even with your ten foot pole…

I miss Late Registration Kanye.

But Stalley is dope…

Reflecting on Lil Kim, I mean Nicki Minaj and Wayne… so they autotuned her singing too huh?
Booty Pads and Autotunes. Sound like an Adult Swim cartoon.

And then there is Nas and Damian Marley…thank you Jesus.


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