Throwback Music 101: Sequence – Funk You Up

So one night, I’m watching Angie Stone on the Monique show… and they’re talking about her long career in music.
She mentions that she’s been in the game for 30 years and they talk a bit about her work with D’Angelo and Vertical Hold back in the day.

Then she says some folks might know her as Angie B from the group Sequence… SAY WORD??
I’m dating myself, but I always dipped into my mom’s records when I was a shorty and I REMEMBERED them.

Now you young heads might be scratching your heads like, huh?

Here’s the scoop on The Sequence:

Sequence was a female hip hop group signed to the Sugar Hill label in the late 70s/early 80s, and featured group mates Cheryl Cook, Gwendolyn Chisolm and the one and only,  Miss Angie.  The song below – “Funk You Up”, released in 1979, was the first rap record ever to be released by a female group.
It’s a classic – so much so that the good doctor himself, Dr. Dre, sampled the song for his own rap record, ‘Keep Their Heads Ringin’.

Check it for yourself… I’m sure you remember this cut too.   If you really know  your music, you’ll know Miss Badu has ad lib covered this joint too in some of her music and live sets.  You can’t fade what’s eternal…  salute!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Music 101: Sequence – Funk You Up

    • fox says:

      Hee… someone dating themselves like me! LOL
      Dang girl, I didn’t remember the Afro Sheen commercial…
      Get in your b-girl stance! LOL

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