Throwback Music 101: Steve Arrington

Because some of yall think this new stuff is righteous – Throwback Music 101 is obnoxiously necessary.  It’s also therapy for me so that I don’t curse (so much) the musical lack felt when trying to listen to the music of Generation NOW.

I’m not fussing at yall for thinking Jay-Z really is God almighty or that Rihanna invented something special…or that Lady Gaga is deep.

I’m not…

Truth is, I realize that I’m getting (ehem) not young, and crotchety about the current state of things.
And I’m not even gonna go in on the questionable spiritual images…I’m trying to avoid the guillotine until it’s absolutely the only option for me.
For now, I’m gonna bring you a throwback and some history every now and again, so you can have some reference and memory of a time when they made songs that could actually last for 20 years or more without wearing out their welcome.

Get your education, boy.  That’s what she said.

Steve Arrington – Way Out

READ more on Steve Arrington HERE (seriously… read up on the cat)

Ok…you can go back to your recession music now.


One thought on “Throwback Music 101: Steve Arrington

  1. Chaka B says:

    Loving your blog, def good to hear about hip-hop culture & music from a woman’s perspective…keep it moving 🙂

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