SoundRotation with Duane Powell

There is no greater aficionado when it comes to the musical aesthetic in MY TOWN – Chitown – than Duane Powell.

Chicagoans know and love him for his presence and passion for music while
leading music buys at the legendary Dr. Wax music store in Hyde Park.

Indie music artists know and love him as well – and even if they don’t say it, it’s understood that many a talent has benefited from Duane being a mouthpiece for new and off the radar music. I personally would not know of a Jill Scott (before Who is Jill Scott?) or an Eric Roberson or even the lovely Yahzarah if it weren’t for the “ear” that Duane kept to the streets when the major industry was not interested in artists of this nature.

He’s the dude, dammit.

And with that – I present the first of many precious jewels to come (hint hint Duane – I want your drops on my site all the time)

Check out more from Duane Powell here:

And now chirren….here’s the list of must hear, must have eclectic music from SoundRotation.

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