S is for Slutty, NOT Spectacular

Everything I want to say here is filled with expletives.

Every thought I have is of rage.

Every last feeling I have in my body is steering me toward kicking the living daylights out of this girl.

After you answer the WHY?  Tell me the phone # for the nearest Drop Squad, because we have a new candidate.

Kiely Williams – Disney Cheetah Girl and once upon a time a 3LW aka Three Little Women…you are on blast.
75,000 plus views of this video… (Insert expletive laced rant here, here and here)

I’m done. (Drops the mic and sweeps up all the little girls into my bosom for protection)

2 thoughts on “S is for Slutty, NOT Spectacular

  1. D rail says:

    I feel dirty and I only got as far as the first chorus… not to mention, she musta’ done her own choreography… if it was at all…
    Dang, Two steps forward and one sloppy catwalk back down a grity street in fishnets… My question who was the mo’fo that produced that… that’s the dude I wanna talk to!

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