Easter Sunday 4/3 – Freedom Home Academy invites YOU

Don’t tell me positive investment in these children won’t work… Freedom Home Academy is proof that it does.

Easter Sunday – they are hosting a showcase of academic
excellence put on by their students – all are welcome.

Check out an example of how the children achieve at Freedom Home Academy

What: Freedom Home Academy Expo
Watch and learn as home school students demonstrate
their excellence… for parents, peers and the community.

When: Sunday April 3, 2010 4:30p-7p

Avalon Community Church

8100 S. Dante, Chicago, IL


3 thoughts on “Easter Sunday 4/3 – Freedom Home Academy invites YOU

  1. Norman says:

    Please call email me ASAP!!!

    I Would love my daughter to be apart of your program, and seeing you and your son in the Baltimore Lecture brought me to tears, i love to see children thrive off knowledge. and would like to also say, I have never been been more proud to see a father and son in my entire life. keep up the fine work.
    please email so that i ca n receive more info.

  2. nzi russell says:

    peace brother marcus this is nzi . I always wanted to come back to your school I feel like i can not live up to my full potential in all the public schools I have been to i allways get great grades and I always do good . in all the schools ive been to my grand father still always says your school whas th best for me right know i live in bowling green, kentucky and igo to south warren middle school, in my pass few progress reports ive been geting cs and bs istead of as but iknow i will succeede so I thank you for helping me whlie I lived there and if you will allow me i would like to visite next time i am in chicago

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