You’ve been a very very bad bad girl GaGa…

Help me understand… did we just enter the cocaine and lesbian zone?

It’s fine if we have, I’ll just dust off a few things from inside my 70s closet.

Maybe I’m getting old… maybe I’m lost my inner artist, but what in the hell are we looking at right here?

Lady Gag-Ga and Honey Bee aka The Black Bettie Page coming to a town near you – any day now.

Coming to get your daughter, before she’s at an age to consent.

yeah, I said it.


Well fellas,  I guess this is kinda your doing… too many broken hearts and the girls have gone truly wild.

“I knew you’d take all my honey – you selfish mother….”

meh.  NEXT.

2 thoughts on “You’ve been a very very bad bad girl GaGa…

  1. angelique says:

    Dude when I saw that video the other day I wanted to barf. Gaga and Bey and all the other goathead worshippers in the industry can kick rocks with their sick asses. Yea I said it..these mofos be blantantly putting certain signs and symbols in they videos and I be like wow. Yet the masses love being seduced by the hypnotic shake of an ass and a beat. Be careful what u digest sheep. Unplug from the marix I say.

    Okay Fox boogie, keep elevatin these mofos!

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