Excerpt 2.0: The Ballad Of A Real Black Girl

From a forthcoming masterpiece entitled, The Ballad Of A Real Black Girl

You’re about to enter the soul of a real black girl – be easy.


I stand in my lane solo
no apologies are offered for  the truth
that resonates so loudly
that the silence
breaks the sound barrier
and crushes the heart…

I am a symbol of practice
showering prisms of bright
where it is needed
as food for the un-enlightened

One mission
to translate the code and begin
to reveal
that – it – is – real.

Near the newness
I feel indifference
it’s the familiar depths
that I’m seekin’…

Folk be projectin’,
translatin’ languages
that can no longer
be spoken…

No trouble for me
I take it light as a toke
of the sweetest deepest smoke

Hidden in plain sight
and in possession of a
deep-rooted and ancient
sense of being

Of the many minions
a giant of men
I am seeking

A strength that deeply arouses
can also contribute to the pauses
and my visions clear
I overstand the fear

So cop a  few more lines
of what I need you to hear

Don’t fight…breathe it in…

Feel it like skin against skin
on stolen weekends
Peel back the layers
and receive the softness
of my intentions…

2010 All Rights Reserved by FoxBrownFox

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