Filmmaker Wendell B. Harris, Jr. Celebrates Film Anniversary and Clinches iTunes Deal

Critically-acclaimed film Chameleon Street kicks off 2010 with digital distribution deal, commemorative soundtrack and a series of grassroots online engagement activities

(PRWEB) February 11, 2010 — Actor/Writer/Director Wendell B. Harris, Jr. continues efforts to keep his award-winning film, Chameleon Street, among the not-forgotten gems of cinematic history by kicking off 2010 with a launch of his critically-acclaimed film among new releases on iTunes. Chameleon Street is debuting in the iTunes catalog and joins an elite group of films negotiated through aggregate firm TuneCore, as it celebrates twenty years since its’ winning entry at the 1990 Sundance Film Festival.

Chameleon Street is a psychological comedy that uses the real-life story of Douglas Street, an infamous Michigan-born imposter, to explore the myth of the American Dream, the paradox of African-American male identity, and the movie medium’s uncanny ability to get under the skin of American Society. It is the quintessential story of an innovative thinker using all the wrong modes to try and overcome all the odds.

The film is set for release on iTunes at the climax of the 26th Sundance Film Festival, which honors excellence in independent film each year. In 1990, Chameleon Street was awarded the festival’s most prestigious award, the Grand Jury Prize, and in 2009, Harris Jr. was honored to return to the festival for the film’s induction into its’ collection of favorite festival classics. 2010 spells progress as Harris and his team take to the internet to promote the digital release via aggressive grassroots marketing tactics.

Wendell B. Harris, Jr. and his team at Prismatic Images have meticulously prepared for the digital launch of the film and plan to engage film lovers on their favorite networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. There is a commemorative music soundtrack that will be available as a free download and thank you for fans participating in the Chameleon Street experience. “The unique ways that people communicate and share in this new digital world remained top of mind while planning for the launch into the world of iTunes,” said Harris, Jr. “We’ve ventured onto social networking sites and discovered a world of fans of this film. We want to keep the conversation going.”

The soundtrack will be available for free on a Chameleon Street branded community site on the NING Network, and features music from emerging musicians discovered by Harris along the promotional route for the DVD release of the film in late 2007. “Many of the artists participating in the soundtrack were die hard fans of the film,” Harris Jr. reflected. “The energy and spirit heard in the work of cutting-edge musicians like Allegra Dolores, Marcus Davis, and a cache of others mirrors my own passions as both writer and filmmaker not to mention Doug Street’s ill-driven passions as displayed in the film.” Through the inclusion of the soundtrack, and the NING site where members are encouraged to be “who they say they are”, Wendell B. Harris Jr. and his team hope to elevate the cult-status Chameleon Street has maintained over the years by hip hop lovers, for a whole new audience.

Largely ignored by Hollywood after the 1990 Sundance win, sampling of the film by hip hop artists, Mos Def and Talib Kweli for their 1999 debut album entitled, Black Star helped to keep underground “cred” for the film authentic. The transparent ties to the “golden era” hip hop community translates into new ground covered for the Chameleon Street brand and team behind it. Newer and established fans of Chameleon Street will be treated to an array of new experiences as the year rolls in. 2010 represents the 20th anniversary of Chameleon Street, and the beginning of a new era for Wendell B. Harris, Jr. with a long-awaited return to his passion for filmmaking.

About Wendell Harris:

Wendell B. Harris, Jr. is an American filmmaker who was trained in drama at the prestigious Interlochen and Juilliard schools. He is the writer, director and lead actor of Chameleon Street, a Gethsemane 84, Inc. / Prismatic Images, Inc. production, and has produced the radio series Black Biography, which showcased Black icons from the spheres of art, history and politics. He has appeared as an actor in the films Out of Sight and Road Trip. Wendell Harris is currently in post-production for the forthcoming docu-series, ARBITER ROSWELL. This scathing, imaginative, impeccably researched, and often hilarious master-work explores the inner connectivity of both our media and the military-industrial complex — two entities which Harris believes wield an inordinate amount of power in shaping our culture and our minds. According to Harris, ARBITER ROSWELL contains an amazing acting performance by Steven Soderbergh, portraying Theodor W. Adorno as well as startling death-bed revelations from legendary Army counter-intelligence agent Frank J. Kaufmann who actually coordinated the Roswell incident in 1947. He is currently shopping several film treatments from the comedy genre including Negropolis which is being co-produced by Alde Lewis, Jr. and Richard Kiley, Jr. Wendell is also collaborating with the writer-producer Mike Barker (American Dad) on two feature film projects while exploring the possibility of producing the feature film version of Bill Wiese’s controversial and compelling narrative, 23 Minutes in Hell. He also manages to tour as a guest speaker at college and university campuses nationwide. For more information visit

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