Kel Spencer – Salon Stories – A reminder there is still good in Hip Hop

About a year ago, I stumbled upon an artist on Myspace…

Wait, let me back up.  Since the end of music as we knew it, circa early 2001, I’ve been exclusively searching the net for independent artists and independent sounds.  I love music… need it  to live most days.  So, I hunt the web for choice items for my mentals.

I found this artist on Myspace – named Kel Spencer – with something popping called the Global Connection Mixtape.

I checked it – downloaded it and followed these massive links this guy Kel Spencer had posted ALL over – and wondered WHO IS THIS?


His moniker says he’s the  ” Best Rapper You’ve Never Heard Of” – and I think that’s an accurate description.

I downed the Global Connection Mixtape and was hungry for more…

Fast forward through a few months of  Twitter chat and like any good publicist SHOULD – I saw an awesome  talent and SNATCHED IT!

So yeah, this review is kinda biased, because Kel Spencer IS INDEED my friend, my client and someone I admire greatly.

That said… Salon Stories the album, hosted by the legendary MC Lyte, and presented by Perfect Results haircare –,
is an album that speaks to some of the questions that we as women, BUT ALSO men have about our dealings with each other in relationships.

It’s a dope offering that features the likes of Jesse Boykins, III, Q-Tip, GrandMaster Flash, Hal Linton, Lydia Caesar, Quana and others.
The following videos are an inside peek at what this dude brings – it’s a listening event for the Salon Stories album.

The setting – HiLightz Salon in Rosedale, Queens, with the lovely stylists and customers who made this process beautiful.
Shout out to those sisters – you all made me feel a part of the family.

Ok.. enough chatter…here’s the juice.

For more on Kel Spencer:

Download links are found here also:

2 thoughts on “Kel Spencer – Salon Stories – A reminder there is still good in Hip Hop

  1. Kim says:

    I like the salon stories. Question, is it considered cheating and you are not married? I thought about this question for a long time and I say it isn’t, because in reality you are really not committed to each other until you get married.

  2. Of course it’s cheating…

    You are not spiritually bound until you are married but once you tell someone that you’re committed to them, then you’re committed until you both decide otherwise.

    It’s a mutual agreement for both parties to invest and invest exclusively in each other. Once you break that agreement, you have violated the terms. That goes for a business, a relationship, or any other type of partnership even if God nor contracts are involved. Women want men to be men of their word, right? Men want women to be women of their word, right? Right…

    Your word is what creates the initial atmosphere of mutual agreement, then your actions, THEN you can take it to the next step of marriage. But you can indeed back out on someone or break your word, or violate the agreement without being married and that’s called cheating. Cheating in marriage is worse but in a courtship, or engagement-ship (if that’s even a word) of course it’s still considered cheating.

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