The Indie Grinder: Room 11 with Africa Hot and H2O Soul


Friends, Colleagues, Critics and Music Lovers,

I’m not kidding then I say to you that a Room 11 show is a good time.
The live set is full of fine musicians, wild moments of glee, on-stage antics and good old funk.

Scratch the words – this is the digital age.  Go ahead honey, take a bite… savor it for a second.

And you can even dance with out your shoes on…

AND if The Morseland was paying me,

I’d probably say something about how good their food and drinks are.

Have another taste…it’s the lovely ladies of Allegra Dolores on the vocals.

Listen…you’re always hearing about the show AFTER the fact.
Get up with the Get Down…


Room 11 is  performing at The Morseland on Friday, July 31st.

1218 Morse Avenue (near Sheridan)

$5 All Night


VERY Special Guests:

Africa Hot
africa hot

H20 Soul

Room 11 are:  Allegra Dolores , Big Ced , Frankie Blaze and Mr Murphy


Those that know – will be there.Those that don’t know – bring yo’ self…

Room 11 brings funk, rock, hip hop, and soul
up close and direct to yo’ earhole.

Gotta live – to see it live.

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