The Indie Grinder: Cherisse Scott – Red Kiva Chicago

So we’ve all been drowning in this lifeless, soul-less cesspool of music for a good long while now and if you’re like me, you are always dying for a peek at the moment…a great moment in music that’s made just for your soul.

Kill Your Radio and go see a show. If I may recommend Miss Cherisse Scott…backed some of Chicago’s finest musicians, including some of the residents(seen and unseen) of the FoxBFox family. Shouts to Africa Hot (on vocals, in the middle…@africahot for those who do the @); Kevin Smith (Drums and yes, I claim him, he’s my lil bro) and the magical Sean Wallace aka The Good Doctor! on those keys.

Three things:
– Out of all the liquor brand sponsored shows I’ve seen in my life – this intimate, rich, lively set was the best FREE show I’ve ever seen in my life – a non-branded one by the way. Someday brands will see the light and put their money down on Indie.
But N-E-WAY… that’s an article that WON’T appear on Ad Age Mobile tomorrow.

– If you were there… you know the Flip Cam (plug me back baby) didn’t do the real live MOMENT justice.

– I appreciate a person who can do a damn good cover song or two or ten. Look, whether we like it or not, the people wanna hear something that they know. Kill em slow with a familiar joint, then make them ASK for you when you turn them out.

Passionate love for the artists…Enjoy the videos.

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