#Chicago Casting – LACES (short film)


Casting call for a Chicago-area short film, “Laces


Synopsis: Mike is the new kid. Struggling to fit in, he concocts a plan to get the one thing he knows will gain him respect from his peers.

Genre: Dramatic Short

When: Saturday, Sept. 27th 2014, 12pm-4pm

Where: DePaul Loop Campus, CDM Room 708 – 243 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60604

We’re Looking For:

African-American Males, Ages 14-17

African-American Males, Ages 35-45 (Must look old enough to have teenage son)

African-American Females, Ages 35-45 (Must look old enough to have teenage son)

Please reply to info@endangeredpeace.com with headshot for further information.

- An Endangered Peace Production –

‘Blacklist’ Actor Harry Lennix Launches Movie Production Company (EXCLUSIVE)

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This is awesome. #BlackExcellence #HarryLennix

Originally posted on Variety:

Harry Lennix, who played a general in “Man of Steel” and the assistant director of the FBI Counterterrorism Division on NBC’s “The Blacklist,” has quietly become a prolific producer with three movie projects already completed.

“I decided that I needed to take control,” the Chicago native told Variety.

He’s starred in and financed “H4,” a street version of William Shakespeare’s “Henry IV”; “Mr. Sophistication,” chronicling the journey of a stand-up comedian inspired by Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor; and “Revival,” a gospel concert movie starring Mali Music, described by Lennix as “‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ meets ‘The Wiz.'”

With longtime associate Steve Harris, the duo has formed Exponent Media Group and made a distribution deal for “H4″ and the concert movie to be shown through Nehst Media’s Digiplex chain early next year. He’s assembling investors for a film fund with plans for five more films over the next three years…

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Grammy-winning artist launches campaign: ‘Rage against the Ratchet’

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Well well…

Originally posted on theGrio:

Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer Carvin Haggins is spearheading a controversial drive to urge urban radio stations to clean up their acts.

Haggins, 44, a respected industry heavyweight, is calling on territorial stations to stop playing violent, misogynistic and over-sexualized songs.

The Philadelphia native wants to hold stations accountable for the explicit lyrics and suggestive content they play on free urban radio.

Haggins, who has collaborated with artists such as Will Smith, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake and Patti LaBelle, says he is appalled by the content and lack of diversity of songs.

“The reason I am targeting radio is I believe radio is the gatekeeper,” says the multi-platinum songwriter, who has received 21 Grammy nominations and 10 ASCAP writer awards. “This music is toxic to your soul.”

Though he acknowledges artists and record labels should shoulder some of the blame, he told theGrio…

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Robots can now officially imitate humans

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Originally posted on Quartz:

A computer that has convinced humans it is a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy has potentially passed a benchmark for artificial intelligence for the first time.

The programme, named “Eugene Goostman” and created by Russian developers, managed to convince 33% of the judges that it was human at an event at the Royal Society in London, The Independent reported. The so-called Turing Test states that a computer should be judged as “thinking” if it can convince more than 30% of those interacting that it is human. “Eugene” was not that excited by its success. “I feel about beating the turing test in quite convenient way,” it replied. “Nothing original.”

The test was derived from Alan Turing, the brilliant British mathematician and computer pioneer who died 60 years ago yesterday. Turing didn’t actually name the test after himself, but after a Victorian parlor trick called the imitation game. He said in 1950:

I believe that in about fifty years’ time it will…

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The Dangers Of Sagging Pants



Make sense why they feel so angry & frustrated… they are in pain.

Originally posted on BlackDoctor:

“Pant’s on the ground, Pants on the ground…Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.” Those lyrics went viral across America in 2011 after one man wrote a song about his disgust for younger men wearing their pants low. His urging is valid, citing a recent study that sagging pants can actually have very harmful side effects.

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A two-year study by the National American Medical Association, led Dr. Mark Oliver Mansbach, concluded that the continuous wearing of sagging pants severely impacts sexual performance.

“In our study we discovered that sagging pants wearers are 70% more likely to prematurely ejaculate during intercourse,” says Mansbach. “75-82% of the men who wear saggy pants have some sort of sexual dysfunction which can be traced back to the constant mis-aligning of their hips and lower torso from the gait that’s…

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