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Hip-Hop purists and die-hards often question the substance of today’s rap music. While “snap and trap” music dominates the airwaves, many fans of the music and the culture lament the “dumbing down” of the music where substance is relegated to the Internet. The question of “What Happened to REAL Hip-Hop?” has troubled author R. Kayeen Thomas for years and fueled the plot of his debut novel, Antebellum.

A teacher, activist, and author, Thomas penned a masterpiece with Antebellum. The fictional story of a famous rapper known by the inflammatory stage name, “Da Ni**a,” the book takes the protagonist on a journey of self-discovery when he is transported back to slavery times after being shot by a rival crew. While enslaved, “Da Ni**a,” who remembers his previous life, experiences first-hand the trials and tribulations of his forefathers and foremothers who were enslaved while yet yearning for freedom.

The book…

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  1. Weldon G. Thomas says:

    Great review & interview. The book Antebellum just got nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Best Debut Author. Is should win!

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